Bartollus Pfrommer – asylum keeper and priest of Nurgle

Bartollus Pfrommer was the keeper of the asylum in Wolfenburg, where the group was investigating attempts of sabotage against the Empire army encamped there.  The new member of the group wizard apprentice Stefan Zauber was throughly surprised, when he questioned Bartollus to deeply – by himself – and was attacked by the nurgle priest and his thugs. Stefan made good use of his knuckleduster and streetfighting skills from Altdorf, and survived but Bartollus escaped during the fight.

His asylum is a place of disease and madness. The building is made of stone and has three stories. All windows are small and barred and the only door in is a thick gate. The building is large, almost 25 yards by 25 yards. The gate is guarded day and night by one of the thugs. Another two patrol the halls every hour or so. The inside of the building is dark, damp and maze-like. It smells of human waste and there is the constant sound of madness, metal clanking on the bars, screaming etc.

Bartollus has his office and chambers at the top floor along with his men. Here he can receive guests, other priests and the like.
From the kitchen on the ground floor there is a secret staircase to the cellar below, where Bartollus has his temple to the Lord of Pestilence. The secret stair is marked with a small inversed hammer etched into the stone.

Career: Acolyte, Ex priest, ex initiate
Race: Mutant
Description: A big man in his forties with a humble large brown robe, a shaven head and a piercing gaze. He always wears leather gloves and often walks with them inside the sleeves of his robe. On his throat there are many dark pus filled sores, which is covered by bandages and he has a sore on his lip.

WS BS  S   T  Ag Int WP Fel
49   38 42 59 40 45   57  39

1  16  4    5   4     1     3
Skills: CK Empire, Disguise, Intimidate, Gossip, AK (Chaos, Astronomy, History, Theology x2), Charm x2, Heal x3, Perception x2, R/W, Speak Language (Classical x2, Reikspiel x2, Kislevian), Channelling, Magic Sense, Swim, Speak Arcane Language (Magic, Daemonic), Torture
Talents: Armoured Caster, Dark Magic, Frealess, Inured to Chaos, Petty Magic (Chaos) Resistance to Disease, Unsettling, Master Orator, Lightning Reflexes, Very Strong, Very Resilient, Public Speaking, Warrior Born, Strike to Stun, Strike to Injure
Armour Points: H , A , B , L
Trappings: Mace,
Mutation: Blood substitution (maggots) maggots spew forth from the wound, ag test or minus 20 to ws until cleaned away (full action) + dam 1 hit at the end of every turn that ignores armour until cleared away.

He also has his staff of 5 totally devoted thugs to help him manage the asylum. They wield clubs and are clad in leather.

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