My five ‘Escape from Kalisz’ characters

Below you can find a short description and brief stats for the five characters that currently make up my group for my Twilight: 2000 Escape from Kalisz solo-campaign.

You can also read my initial thoughts about the campaign.

Captain Charles King

King went to community college on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia and got a degree in electrical engineering. He subsequently joined the army to become an officer. He ended up doing intelligence work as a staff officer, but got stuck as a captain. Maybe his superiors thought he wasn’t aggressive enough, or maybe it was a race thing? King mustered out and became a manager at a power plant. In the meantime, his marriage had failed, and when the war broke out he was called up as a reservist. In Poland, he was attached to the Intelligence section of the 5th division. However, shortly before Operation Reset and the push on Lodz he was given command of an understrength company, basically a platoon and a half of maybe 50 grunts.

This is close to how I imagine King. The real man is US army Chaplain Matthew Zimmerman Jr.

The company suffered many casualties pushing towards Lodz and had to retreat with the rest of the division. 10 minutes before the game begins, the “battalion” has fought a rearguard action, and is soundly trounched: attacked by ground forces and hit with both mortars and a bit of artillery. When the defense breaks down the survivors scatter.

Charlie actually turned out to be a capable leader in his short stint as a company commander, despite his looks as a desk jockey. He is ashamed that he didn’t save more of his men, and considers his past a failure with two failed careers and a failed marriage. He is determined to save this little group. This will succeed!

He is 38 at the start of the game.

Attributes: Strength D, Agility C, Intelligence A, Empathy B
Skills: Stamina C, Driving D, Mobility D, Ranged Combat C, Tech C, Command B, Persuasion C, Survival D
Specialities: Quartermaster, Intelligence, Tactician, Ranger

Lieutenant Krystyna (Krysia) Zielinski

The 34 years old Second Lieutenant was a history teacher at a highschool in Warsaw before the war. But in 1997, when the Soviets attacked, she joined the Polish army as an officer. She got rudimentary training and ended up being in charge of handling conscript labour and security after the first nuclear attacks (she has 6 permanent Rads). For the last offensive, she is transferred to be the brigade liason officer between the Polish and the US. She is not an English expert, but knows enough to get along. Her dream is to find her mother, father and younger sister. They fled west after the invasion.

Attributes: Strength C, Agility C, Intelligence B, Empathy A
Skills: Driving D, Mobility D, Ranged Combat D, Survival D, Persuasion B, Medical Aid D,
Specialities: Biker, Historian, Teacher, NBC

Corporal Jason Kelly

Kelly is a young-ish working class Irish-American from Michigan. After high school he became a construction worker, but found the job tedious and decided to join the army in 1995. He deployed to Poland in 1997 and has fought in a mortar team the whole war. Before Operation Reset he was given the leadership of the team, which scared him. Kelly has never really found something he was the best at – or even great at – but given the chance, he could shine as a loyal survivor.
He has never been afraid of a good brawl, and is not the type to back down if people push him.

Attributes: Strength A, Agility A, Intelligence D, Empathy C
Skills: Heavy Weapons C, Close Combat D, Stamina C, Ranged Combat C, Survival D, Tech D, Mobility D
Specialities: Builder, Redleg, Brawler

PFC Juan Pérez

Juan came to Texas as an immigrant with his violent uncle and loving aunt and became a runner and spotter and messenger for a gang before he entered his teens. When he was arrested as a juvenile, he got the option to join a military school in return for a lenient sentence. He took that out, and when he was 18, he joined the army just as the war began to loom. He was sent to Poland in early 1998, and excelled in a reconnaissance role. He prides himself of his ability to handle this chaotic environment compared to all the soft Americans. He hates the cold though. Maybe he can get to Spain or Portugal, or somewhere else warmer?

Juan Pérez looks something like Danny Ramirez, I imagine.

Attributes: Strength C, Agility A, Intelligence B, Empathy C
Skills: Stamina D, Mobility D, Ranged Combat C, Recon B,
Specialities: Infiltrator, Rifleman

Private Miles Taylor Lee

Lee was a driver in the logistics section of the 2nd armored division, hauling supplies and materiel, but he ended up on foot with a dozen other stragglers in Syców, where they walk into an ambush. He is the only survivor and is found by King and his team.

Lee is a Harlemite, born and bred. He is 22 years old, college educated within music and languages, fit and smart. He was drafted right out of college as a grunt, despite his education. He lacks experience, but has a lot potential – if he survives long enough. His driving skills are also the best in the group.

Attributes: Strength B, Agility A, Intelligence B, Empathy B
Skills: Driving C, Mobility C, Ranged Combat D, Tech D, Persuasion D
Specialities: Musician, Linguist, Scrounger

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