I’ve game mastered a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd. Edition) campaign since 2008 with mostly bi-weekly games (and one years break), and it is slowly coming to an end. We have been playing the lead up to the Storm of Chaos, and is now playing during the Storm of Chaos, with the characters being some of the mightiest heroes of the Empire.

The campaign has a dual plot thread – the overarching doom approaching in the form of Archaeon’s armies approaching – and the more provincial part – where the character’s serve the baron of the town of Altbrügge and try to climb the social ladder and ultimately survive until life finally lets them relax and enjoy their many riches gained.

I’ve prepared every session in detail and kept records, and will be sharing NPCs, plots and other items that might be useful to Warhammer players ‘out there’.

They began with very humble stories of finding out who were stealing cows, and gaining rights to catch rats at the mill, and slowly became the heroes of the town, before taking the wrong assignment and ending up as ‘volunteers’ for the army going to war against the chaos warlord Surtha Lenk.

At the close of the campaign, they have been sent by the Empire to convince the vampire Lord Manfred von Carstein to lend his aid and undead armies to the Empire in this time of need.

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