D&D Session 4

These are the notes from the latest session of our D&D campaign, which was in December. Our next session is Wednesday and should continue at a regular interval of two weeks.
The notes are not an attempt to be literary or to make for an exciting read. It is mainly a tool for me and my players, so they have a chance to remind themselves what happened last time.

For me, as a DM, I also find that writing a short synopsis of last session is a good way for me to start preparing for a new game session.

Session 4:

The party decides to investigate the grounded ship, leaving behind the female guard and the warlock (as he wasn’t present) at the camp. They make their way along the rocky reef to the wreck and are attacked by giant crabs. After they defeat the crabs they search the ship and locate a document sent for the governor of the settlement, Erin de Vin, and they find a batch of potions in a secret compartment in the captain’s cabin.

Someone, relatively powerful, has also animated the corpses on the vessel and suddenly they spring to life as zombies. They defeat them without too much trouble.

A discussion erupt over the gnome opening the sealed document from the Queen to the Governor. They re-seal the letter with mend, but after the letter is transcribed. It is however in a cipher.

They search another cave along the beach, and find the body of one of the elite body guards and a sailor. They loot them for their valuables.

The group continue their search for survivors, and at the top of the cliffs they look into some ruins and find a small campsite. The campsite had see

big kuo-toa
Big Kuo-Toa. They haven’t met one this size, yet… This illustration is from the 3rd Edition Underdark book for the Forgotten Realms, which I can recommend. 

n combat recently, and booted prints flee away from the site and into the forest. After some deliberation, they decided to not pursue the trail now, but investigate the entrance to the cave where the Kuo-Toa probably lives in order to try and find more prisoners from the ship. They send in Horziwer, the gnome rogue, to investigate, is magically disguised as a kuo-toa. He wanders in, meet some guards and finds and odd labyrinth like area, made of drift wood, sea weed and skulls and bones, overlooked by a guard on a platform. The group decides to sneak in using Pass Without Trace. They take out the first two guards and manages to kill the two guards on the other side of the labyrinth and surprise and take out the kuo-toa reinforcements nearby. Here the session ended.

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